About Us


Leading the next generation of IP communications, TeleTouch is a technology-service provider that promises your business with effective IP Telephony, Cabling & Surveillance as well as various network solutions. We are committed to provide you with tech-installation and maintenance, focused on high value and reliability.

We move apace with the fast-changing world of telecom infrastructure. And with our knowledge and expertise, coupled with top-of-the-line hardware and software, TeleTouch ensures our every service to be Efficient, Simple, Unique to your needs, Value-Added and of First-Class Service.

Our management team consists of passionate talents with proven credentials, and extensive professional experience, while our portfolio of successful clients and projects testify to our pledge to serve you with the best IP, network and communication technology services.

it is our commitment to provide you with tech-installation and maintenance,
focused on high value and reliablity.

What we offer?

TeleTouch have strong professional team over the following fields:

- Provider - Call Saving (VoIP)

- Provider of GSM Fixed Wireless Fixed & Mobile

- Provider of Call Saving on Discounted Rate to all countries

- Maxis (Mobile) Business Solution Partnership – (MBSP)

- Structure Cabling

- Optical Fibre Cabling

- Digital Video Surveillance (CCTV)

- Wireless Networks

- Building Access Control

Value Proposition

  • Efficiency

    is in our ethos, because we believe that every partner and client deserves the very best and that is including our response time to you. Determining the most optimal way to achieve the customer’s business objectives by utilizing technical resources that provide the best fit in terms of time, cost and quality.
  • Simplicity

    is the focus of our next generation solutions. The ease of installation and integration are built into our solutions.
  • First Class Service

    is what you can expect from us. And that includes constant maintenance of your solutions, customization, support as well as free upgrades.
  • Uniqueness

    in solutions is what we seek to deliver to your company. As we believe there is no one company in the world that has the same requirements. Hence, we personalize your solutions especially for you.
  • Value-Added

    benefits is what every partner and client would look for in a solutions company. With TeleTouch, there is no such thing as standard solutions.